As you will have guessed by now here in Crew EYFS we love dressing up and having a special day of learning. It is such a fun way for our little crew members to explore their world and discover something new! Now that we are heading into our final week of the year we want to continue the excitement for as long as possible. 

We all know the nail biting, gut clenching, heart pumping feeling that comes with watching England play football! Well this week it will be even more nerve racking… 

On Friday 9th July, we will be continuing our fun filled foundation finale with a Three Lions Football day! We would like to invite the children to come to school in a football themed outfit. There is absolutely no pressure for extravagant outfits. Football shirts/kits, t-shirts with a football theme, football fancy dress or red and white outfits for England will all look fantastic! 

The day will be filled with football themed activities like a penalty shoot out, flag designing and singing It’s Coming Home! 

We really (really, really, really) hope that this day will be the start to an exciting weekend build up to watching England compete for the title. However, if we don’t make it quite all the way then we will still celebrate the achievements of the team in getting to the semi-final. 

Keep your fingers crossed! 


Weekly Review 25.06.2021

What a fantastic week of expeditionary exploring!

I have been so impressed by the children’s maturity this week, we are definitely Year 1 ready! The children have enjoyed exploring the text ‘Oliver’s Vegetables’. We have investigated which fruit and vegetables grown on the farm, we explored if they grew above or below ground and planted our own vegetables to harvest.

We also had some fantastic, independent writing, retelling the story of Oliver’s vegetables. The children wrote their own chunks of sense, making their work beautiful by ensuring they used finger spaces, capital letters and full stops, Crew Godley you are amazing!

HoWL average…… 3.1

We did it!!! I am so proud of the children this week applying their math’s and phonics independently, there was only one thing for it, lots of 4’s. Grace particularly blew me away, she always shows green standard and sets a great example to her peers ☺️

Crew Godley 24.05.2021

Magnificent Monday!

I was absolutely thrilled today by the ‘can do’ attitude of Crew Godley. Our HoWL score today was 2.9, a massive improvement last week already. Just a couple of tweaks tomorrow to make sure all of our crew are ‘being kind’ then we’ll reach that fantastic three!

We have been working hard to strengthen our fine motor skills today to improve our handwriting. We have been down on the farm with our disco dough and counting how many worms we could catch using the tweezers.

The highlight of my day was Shania leading our crew song, she always engages our crew! A teacher in the making

Crew Godley, Weekly Review 21.05.2021

We have had a busy week in Crew Godley!

Highlights of the Week:

Maths: We have been exploring patterns this week, we have made patterns with so many things! Numicon, ourselves, sounds and even fruit! The fruit kebabs went down a treat, we used fruit from the story ‘The Very Hungry Caterpillar 🐛 ‘. It was so tasty and whilst we developed our maths skills it also provided us with an opportunity to develop our fine motor skills. We had to chop the fruit in half whilst also carefully placing on the skewer. It became a little tricky at times 🦋

Writing: We have been using our writing lessons to inform our expedition work, exploring the text, The Very Hungry Caterpillar. This has developed our understanding of the life cycle of a butterfly. We have used the ‘notice lense’ to write a fact file about the butterfly. We can’t wait to see our caterpillars spin their cocoons.

Howl Average:

We have ended the week on a very disappointing 2.8. Unfortunately some of our crew have found it difficult to show kindness to their peers. We have had a significant amount of apologies and pledges this week and I hope to see a big improvement next week.

As we come into our final week of the half term we really need to think about how we can demonstrate our HoWLs at all times of the day. We need to see our scores back in the 3’s for all crew members.

Have a lovely weekend everyone 😊

Crew Godley Weekly Review 07.05.2021

NSPCC Maths Week ➕✖️➖➗

We’ve had lots of fun carrying out different maths challenges this week in Crew Godley. We’ve made our maths learning really fun by using practical activities to futher develop our number skills. We played parachute games, dominoes in Crew which developed our subitising skills and numicon bingo. Reggie was so excited when he won! We’ve had so much fun and topped it our with our number dress up day – Zach looked great with his numbered t-shirt!

Highlight of the week:

Our highlight of the week has to be our progress in phonics. Today the children who work with myself and Miss Tabone have really showed they have been working hard to get smart, by recalling all of their set one sounds and moving onto the next group. The Crew were so proud of them.


This week’s HOWL average: 2.9 We’ve had a very rocky week this week, after our notices and wonders in crew next week I am hoping we can all work on our pledges to get back into the threes next week.

Have a lovely weekend everyone 🙂