Crew Gerrard Weekly Review and Maths Week

This week, we have been working really hard on maths. We have loved learning about decimals and the different ways we can represent and read decimals. It hasn’t always been easy, but we are now able to read decimals with thousandths. Our vocabulary is becoming really strong and we are confident explaining.

In Writing, we have been completing a scientific report about the experiment we participated in, during Expedition. This has been something that has really challenged our thinking, which was to be like scientists.

During Expedition, we completed our experiment for the European Space Agency (ESA). They have loved designing their rockets and seeing if their prediction was correct. We thought that the bigger the surface area on a parachute, the slower it would fall. This did not come true and we need to figure out why our prediction was not accurate.

During expedition, we started our 3rd Case Study, which is art. We loved being able to critique the art work in the fantastic book Where Once we Stood. We then even had a go at trying our own version of the images. We have also reflected on the mural that we are creating and have thought about how we can make this better. We have discussed it and then put our ideas into action.

This week has been an odd week, as it has had one day less. We are keen to have an improved one next week. Our HoWL average for the week was 2.8! We really need to ensure that we are working hard all of the time.

Our Learning Legend was Keegan 😁

Our Golden Ticket winner for Handwriting was Emily! ✍

Have a great weekend, Crew Gerrard and remember, next week is a fresh start! 😆

NSPCC Maths Day Is Here !

Remember today is DRESS UP day! Wear something Maths related! We’d love to see numbers everywhere.

Voluntary contribution to the NSPCC of £1

Friday’s Maths Challenge!

  You have until Monday to submit your photographs.  Choose from the Maths at home challenge menu and photograph yourself completing a task.  

Send your photographs to to your crew leader on Class Dojo

Thursday’s Maths Challenge

Maths at home!  Maths is everywhere! 

Take a photograph of something maths related around the home.  This could be a clock, a shape, ml, l or g on food packets or even a pizza cut into fractions. 

Who will be the most creative? 

Send your photographs to your crew leader on class dojo

Best Way to Cut Pizza

Swimming Super Stars! 🤽‍♂️🏊‍♂️

Today we started off our sessions by discussing why swimming is important and the children came up with all sorts of scenarios. They were really good contributions, which led us into practicing our different types of floating. Star, tucked and pencil! It’s been another difficult choice for our swimming super stars, as some even managed to dive in at the deep end. They are:

Ellie May for really impressing me with her resilience and just how much she loves swimming. She never stops smiling! 😀

Amelia for having a boost of confidence when swimming – you were like a different person this week! 😁

Macey for showing fantastic enthusiasm and being so proud of her dive (even though she managed to splash me!) 😃

Kelby for continuing to challenge herself. You just give it a go and always try your best! 😄

Stay tuned for more swimming super stars next week, as we continue our favourite time of the week! 😆

Tuesday’s Maths Challenge

Maths is everywhere! 

Take a photograph of something maths related around our local community. 

This could be a percentage in a shop sale, a date on a building, a bus timetable or numbers on a traffic sign. 

Who will be the most creative?  Send your photographs to your crew leader on class dojo

NSPCC Number Day

NSPCC Number Day at school

Dear Parents and Carers 

Next week is maths week at Carcroft (4th – 7th May).  We will be celebrating maths and to do this we will be doing the following:

  • Each day you will be informed of a challenge you can complete at home and bring into school or send to your crew leader on Class Dojo.
  • Each day there will be a FUN maths challenge on the blog for you to complete as a family at home
  • Friday is NSPCC Maths day so we will be having a ‘maths’ dress up day or Non-Uniform Day with numbers (£1 donation)

Please see the school blog for links to the NSPCC maths day website, ideas for dress up and daily posts next week.

NSPCC website:


Mr Longley 

Here are a few dress up ideas. We can’t wait to see the ideas!

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Crew Gerrard Weekly Review (29/4/21)

This week, in Crew Gerrard, we have been working hard on a number of things. This includes our learning, listening skills and ensuring that we follow the HoWLS.

In maths, we have been learning about decimals. We have been working hard on being able to make a whole, understand decimals to be able to compare (the tenths and hundredths) and ordering decimals. We are becoming more and more confident as we practice these, which is helping to improve our vocabulary. 😄

In writing, we have continued to work on pace. This isn’t always easy for Crew Gerrard, but we’re determined to achieve this in order to get smart! We’ve been writing about Gravity and we’re working on being able to create tension. Not only do we want interesting stories, but we also want to improve our handwriting! 😃

During expedition, we have been completing experiments on gravity, air resistance and the surface area of parachutes. We’ve had to create rockets, after a letter came through from the European Space Agency (ESA). As we have been working in mini-Crews, we have had to make sure that we’re kind to on another. I’m pleased to say that I have seen this. 😀

We’re still loving our favourite time of the week and that’s swimming. You guys make me really proud when you achieve something new at the leisure centre! 😁