Crew Gerrard final blog (16/7/21)

Here is a letter to Crew Gerrard!

Dear Crew Gerrard,

Today was our last day with each other and I think it’s crazy how fast, but slow this year has gone. We have almost had a full year, but have been interrupted again by COVID-19. We started the year off as just 16 and have ended the year with 9 extra additions to make 25. 

Since September, we have introduced HoWLs (work hard, get smart and be kind) and I think we have all improved in this area. We started our Expeditionary learning journey by making a brochure about your community and answered the guiding question ‘What does the Carcroft Community have to offer? ‘ I remember the fun we had delivering these brochures around the village in miserable weather, but that didn’t dampen our spirits. 

Then came the time after Christmas, when we were closed several times, half were at home and half were at school. How crazy was that? Before Easter, we were all put together and I wouldn’t change that at all. Yes, you have been chatty and a little bit mad, but that’s all added to the fun!

Our second Expedition was the coolest one and I think the one we all enjoyed the most. We started this off with the hacker, which helped set the tone and excitement for the rest of this Expedition. How many school’s get to graffiti and then put it up in a shopping centre? You guys are really lucky and should be proud of the mural that you produced, with all of your own little touches! You have all become much more confident writers and mathematicians, along with getting better at reading. 

We are really proud to have been your teachers and have had a lot of fun along the way. Yes, there have been some daft choices, but we all make mistakes and hopefully we will learn from them. You have also helped us through some really tough times, like when we had COVID, the car crash and when I lost my Nanna. You helped cheer us up during these times and I cannot thank you enough for that – you really were Crew.

We want to end the year with a bit of fun, which was a water fight. I know the adults definitely won…

A final thank you to the parents for all of the support during a strange year. You have helped us all out and that is what Crew is all about. Enjoy your summer Crew Gerrard and make sure you have the tonnes of fun – stay safe and make the most of it before Year 6!


Mr G and Mrs Gilliland 😆

P.S. – Here is a video of our time together!

Crew Gerrard Fun Day (8/7/21) 😝😁

Crew Gerrard have had a fantastic day in with all the fun that went off. The weather was perfect and we had such a great time. We did a penalty shoot out (which we all hope England won’t have to take part in on Sunday), a games centre, tug of war, bouncy castle and our favourite – the assault course. The list was endless! We then cooled off with our ice cream or lollipops, which just made the day even better!

I don’t want to say too much, as I think the pictures show how much Crew Gerrard loved this day!

Crew Gerrard, you were absolutely brilliant! 😆

Swimming Super Stars (7/6/21) 🏊‍♂️

Today was sadly our last swimming session. We are absolutely gutted that it is ending, because we have loved it so much. This was our best session yet, as it was a fun day. We got to do synchronised swimming, had a competitive water polo match and then got to have the final part of the session playing with the equipment, racing each other and doing all kinds of other enjoyable activities.

The swimming super stars are everyone from Crew G and Crew Mc. You have really blown us away this year with swimming and have taken everything in your stride. Whether you could not swim or was confident to begin with, their has been so much progress made.

The swimming coaches were really blown away by your commitment and attitude, which goes to show that you can achieve whatever you put your mind to.

This has certainly been one of mine and Mrs Gilliland’s favourite sessions to take part in all year and we’re equally as sad that we won’t be going next week. I think a lot will even want to go swimming throughout the summer with their friends or pick up swimming lessons from where they left off!

Each and everyone of you have all made us feel lots of pride at some point during the time we have been going to swimming baths, so I want to say a massive well done!

Mr Gerrard and Mrs Gilliland 😆

Yellow Team 1 Sports Day! (29/6/21) 🏃‍♂️🏃‍♀️💪

Today, Yellow Team 1 Crew managed to have a really fun day. We completed lots of different challenging, but exciting competitions, from standing long jump to the javelin. I think we all really enjoyed the javelin the most, as we took many goes at this. We managed to come second with Crew Yellow 🌞🌞 overall. We were really pleased! Here are some photos from our first sports day in a long time! A massive shout out to the Year 6s for helping explain the activities so well!

We had a great day and can’t wait to compete again! 😆

Crew Gerrard Weekly Review (21-25/6/21)

What a great week we have had in Crew Gerrard as we were put to the test, quite literally – it was assessment week! I am really proud of how hard we have worked to achieve our best. I know that most of us have given it our all and I could not ask for more.

Assessment week is challenging, as it tests our resilience and makes us quite tired. We were trying to improve on our Spring assessments, as we wanted to show how ‘smart’ we have become during our final few weeks of Year 5.

This week, we also said goodbye to Miss Scott who has been a massive help to Crew Gerrard. We are sad to see you go Miss Scott, but will try our best to keep in touch. We wish you nothing but success in your new school and know that you will smash it there, just like you have here!

Our HoWL average doesn’t fully reflect the positive week we have had, as a number of our Crew have been absent. We need to show an improvement in our attendance to help make sure we can beat our weekly HoWL average, week in week out! It was 2.7.

Have a well deserved rest, Crew Gerrard and see you all on Monday! 😆

Swimming Super Stars (16/6/21) 🏊‍♂️

This was another fantastic week at swimming and a session that we all enjoyed very much. It was maybe even pour favourite yet, which is a very hard choice to make, considering we love swimming so much! Today, we we went swimming in our clothes and this was for a very good reason – it was our water safety course, which we will complete next week as well. The vast majority of us managed to swim in the deep end. Those that didn’t still have next week to have a go, but they did brilliantly in the depth of water that they felt most confident in. I know many will try next week. It was difficult to pick our swimming super star this week, with so many fantastic achievements. They were:

McKenzie for being able to swim in the deep end with a ball on his front and back! (Crew G) 😀

Riley for swimming so confidently and with great skill! (Crew G) 😁

Roxanne for showing great perseverance, even with some nerves! (Crew Mc) 😃

Harry for swimming in the deep end to the rope, which was 15m away! (Crew Mc) 😄

I want to give a special shout out to Brayden who was our first pupil to swim from the deep end to the shallow end. Myself and Mrs Gilliland, along with the swimming instructors were blown away. We were really proud!

The children will need to come with the same clothing next week as well, as we continue our swimming safety! 😆