Crew Fox weekly review

A great first week back for Crew Fox 🦊.

We’ve absolutely smashed ratio in maths sessions! Lots of reasoning and problem solving to really deepen our understanding of calculating ratio.

Our English sessions have been filled with adventurous writing to create a character description of the mysterious character from a short flip clip ‘Roads End’. The crew have generated some great ideas independently and this has proven how far they’ve come since September!

We are so close to finalising our expedition, ‘How has space shaped our past and how will it shape our future?’ So watch this space for our final product…

NSPCC Maths Day Is Here !

Remember today is DRESS UP day! Wear something Maths related! We’d love to see numbers everywhere.

Voluntary contribution to the NSPCC of £1

Friday’s Maths Challenge!

  You have until Monday to submit your photographs.  Choose from the Maths at home challenge menu and photograph yourself completing a task.  

Send your photographs to to your crew leader on Class Dojo

Thursday’s Maths Challenge

Maths at home!  Maths is everywhere! 

Take a photograph of something maths related around the home.  This could be a clock, a shape, ml, l or g on food packets or even a pizza cut into fractions. 

Who will be the most creative? 

Send your photographs to your crew leader on class dojo

Best Way to Cut Pizza