Crew Fox farewell

I don’t know where to start. This year has been bizarre but I’ve absolutely loved every minute 🥰 . This bunch of kids have made me laugh every day (and more recently cry at the thought of them leaving). From September, they have embraced crew and it’s just been one of the best years I’ve had🧡. To say they have missed so much learning, they have achieved SO much 🧠. They have shown the true meaning of working hard to get smart… whilst being oh so kind 💕.

At the end of this year, these children were the first to complete their Final Word presentations👏🏼. They reflected on their character growth, beautiful work and academic success and I was so proud🤩. They spoke so confidently and positively and many of them brought me to tears🥲. They all stepped out of their comfort zones and presented brilliantly. Another moment for me to be proud of this year.

There have been so many moments that have made me beam, but here are some of my favourites😍:

I will truly miss every single one of them and wish them all the best for their new schools 🍀 . Please come and see us…

And remember, we will always be the first CREW FOX 🦊🥰

Thank you for all the laughter and lovely moments we’ve had this year,

Mrs Fox x

Crew Fox weekly review 9.7.21

It’s been a lovely end of the week in Crew Fox… one week left until our Year 6’s leave for their next chapter at secondary school.

Most of the children have visited their new schools during transition day – and they’ve come back buzzing and so excited to start (which makes me a little sad). Miss Theide has supported Y6 whilst I had my crew for September, they have began designing and creating their own board games that they can take home and play with you all.

Children have began to make their final edits for Final Word, ready for next week. I’m so excited for you all to hear their reflections, I’m so proud of how far they have come.

To finish the week off, we had extra time Fun day! Crew Fox loved this and it was great to see them all loving life!


Have a great weekend! Don’t forget children can arrive at 10am on Monday if they’ve had a late night watching the game.

Y6 leavers ‘pass out’

Next Friday we will be holding a pass out parade for our year 6 leavers. Instead of them going home at 12.45 they will be leaving at 1.15.

We would like to invite parents of year 6 children to come to clap the leavers of 2021 out the gates and give them a lovely send off.

We hope you can make it!

Yellow Team 1 Sports Day! (29/6/21) 🏃‍♂️🏃‍♀️💪

Today, Yellow Team 1 Crew managed to have a really fun day. We completed lots of different challenging, but exciting competitions, from standing long jump to the javelin. I think we all really enjoyed the javelin the most, as we took many goes at this. We managed to come second with Crew Yellow 🌞🌞 overall. We were really pleased! Here are some photos from our first sports day in a long time! A massive shout out to the Year 6s for helping explain the activities so well!

We had a great day and can’t wait to compete again! 😆

Crew Fox weekly review 25.6.21

This week, we have smashed our final assessments 🤩. I am so proud of how well they have done to say they’ve lost so much of their learning time over the past 18 months. They really have worked hard to get smart!🥳

During our write stuff sessions, we have create some super newspaper reports…

We’ve used our crew time to continue working on our Final Word presentations. Children have reflected on their character growth and beautiful work. Next week, we will begin to celebrate their academic success, ready to begin practing our presentation skills 😀.

Final word presentations – y6 parents

Dear Parents/carers,

During the next few weeks, our Year 6 children are preparing for their ‘Final Word’ presentation. This is a reflection on their primary school years whereby they reflect on their character growth, academic success and the beautiful work that they have produced during their time at Carcroft School. This is also a time to use their reflections to share why they are ready to take on their new challenge at their secondary school.

During their presentations, we would like to invite you to attend their Final Word along with their crew lead and a teacher of their choice. If you would like to attend, please fill out the form below by Friday 18th June so that staff can align times and dates for the year 6 pupils presentations.

Final Word Y6 Parent request