Crew Ferguson and Crew Flaherty Reading Ideas

We are really trying hard to improve our reading skills in school, and thought these ideas were great to support children at home.

Have fun reading at home everyone Please make sure you share all your reading photos with us 👍

We love to hear all about your favourite stories. Xx


Crew Ferguson and Flaherty Daily Blog 9.2.21

What a terrific Tuesday we have had today!

The children have continued to work on their 2nd expedition case study and looked closely at materials and their properties. We worked in mini crews and together located different objects around the classrooms to discuss what materials they were made out of. We then deepened our understanding of materials by discussing the materials properties. We found out that windows were made of glass, which is both strong and fragile. We also found most glass objects are transparent.

The children are loving their expedition this half term, keep up the great work everyone.

Our HOWL average today was 3.1! Amazing everyone 🌟

Crew Ferguson and Crew Flaherty Snow Day 02/02/21

Morning everyone,
We too have had the message about school being closed. So the children are not needed to be online today. We have set a Math’s addition task and English task for today. (You can get this from the google classroom as normal) But we have also added the resources here for you as well.

Have a fun snow day and we will see everyone online tomorrow at 9. xx

Crew Flaherty 25.1.21

What a magnificent Monday it has been


Our Crew average for the day was 3.1

HOWL heroes

Work Hard

Thomas for working hard in maths and expedition.

Get Smart

Daisy for listening carefully during maths and focusing on her learning.

Be Kind

Hollie for being kind to her crew and taking turns when completing the jigsaw in expedition.


I wonder who our HOWL heroes will be tomorrow.

Crew Flaherty 19.1.21

What a terrific Tuesday we have had. Well done Crew Flaherty


Our HOWL heroes for the day is

Our Crew average for the day is 3.1


Work Hard

Cohan for writing neatly in his English lesson.


Get Smart

Jenson for listening carefully in Expedition.


Be Kind

Brodie, Billy and Thomas for working together as a crew outside at dinnertime


I wonder who will be our HOWL heroes tomorrow.

Crew Flaherty 13.1.21

What a wonderful Wednesday we had. The children have worked hard to design and create a shield or sword. We are super impressed with their designs and their positive attitude to learning.

Our crew average for the day was 3.2. Well done Crew Flaherty


Work Hard

Maria for working hard in maths using the column method to add.


Get Smart

Kira for listening carefully in all her lessons.


Be Kind

Lacey-Rose for being kind to Ms White in maths.


Crew Flaherty 6.1.21

Welcome back!

What an unusual start to the year but it was lovely to see everyone is our crew today whether they were in person or virtually. It was lovely to hear all about your Christmas holidays and your wonderful presents. Everyone in our has been patient with one another while adjust to our new way of teaching for this half term. Thank you to everyone in my Crew today, you have been very kind to me whilst we sorted out some technical issues. You have blown me away with your commitment to learning and staying focused during all of your lessons. Well done Crew Flaherty.

The highlight for me today was listening to the children talk to their friends either in person or on Google classroom during their lunchtime. Their little conversations made the world seem ‘normal’ listening to you talk about your friends, family and Christmas of course.

I cannot wait to see you all again tomorrow 🙂

Miss Flaherty

Crew Flaherty 15.12.20

Highlight of a day 

Today we filmed our PE dance. Keep your eyes peeled for the video!


Todays HOWL score was 3.

Today was a rocky day for the crew. Lots of reflection will be needed tomorrow morning in crew and when thinking about our HOWL scores.

Todays HOWL heroes were

Work hard – Hollie

Get smart – Millie

Be kind – Thomas

Christmas Story Night



Wednesday 16th December

4.30 – 5.15pm

Hot Dog, Hot Chocolate and a goody bag

EYFS, Year 1 and Year 2 are all invited to have a hot dog, hot chocolate, goody bag and a story in their Crew bubbles. They’ll each take home a present too.

There will be a small charge of £2

Please can this be paid on Parent Pay by Wednesday 9th December

⛄Don’t miss out ⛄


Festive Family Fun


We have been sent a calendar full of Christmas activities to share with children at home from the Doncaster Family & Community learning centre. If you would like to participate in any of these lovely sessions, all you need to do is email [email protected] and ask to be enrolled ahead of the tutorials/videos.

On other days, they will be posting activity ideas with step by step videos for your family to use as and when. A lovely way to feel Christmassy indoors.