Crew Welburn’s Daily Blog 20.4.2021


We had lots of favourite parts of the day in Crew Welburn today. We loved our writing and we worked really hard to write our sentences about the tin man from the Wizard of Oz. We also really enjoyed printing our stone pattern in expedition this afternoon, although it was a little messy! 🎨🖌

HOWL Heroes:

Work hard: Darcie 👏

Get smart: Heartley 👏

Be kind: Darcie 👏

HOWL Score: 2.8 We will work on our score tomorrow Crew Welburn.

Crew Welburn’s Daily Blog 19.4.2021

Monday ✅

What super stars we have been in Crew Welburn today! They have made me smile and laugh all day and I am so proud of how hard they have worked. We have begun to write our super stories in The Write Stuff, tried really hard with our phonics, and had fun visiting the animals outside in the sunshine. Our favourite animals were the dog and the tortoise called Meg! 🐶🐢

HOWL Heroes:

Work hard: Kairen 👏

Get smart: Tiarna and Jamie 👏

Be kind: Scarlett👏

HOWL Score: 3.1 Well done Crew Welburn, this is a super score!

Crew Welburn’s Daily Blog 16.4.2021


It’s Friday! What a busy first week back we have had in Crew Welburn! We’ve almost finished our castle now, all we need to do is print our stone pattern onto it and create our video. We can’t wait to share it with you.🌟

Highlight of the week:

The highlight of this week has been having everyone back together in our classroom. We have had so many smiling faces and everyone has been so kind to each other. They have really made us all smile this week. We also loved seeing everyone’s costumes on Wednesday. It was a crazy day, but the children had so much fun and can’t wait to write about what they saw.

It was a little bit sunny when we took our photo!🌞🌞

Our winning costume! 🦁🦁

HOWL Heroes:

Work hard: Evie👏

Get smart: Mariama 👏

Be kind: Darcie 👏

This week’s learning legend is Scarlett. Scarlett has worked hard on her listening in lessons to make sure she can get smart when she completes her work independently. She has even asked to stay in at break times to practice her word reading for her green and red words to make sure she can confidently read her stories in Read, Write, Inc. This is amazing work Scarlett and we are really proud of you!

HOWL Score: 3.2 Well done Crew Welburn!

This week’s HOWL average: 2.9 We’ve had a few children missing this week so this is a good score Crew Welburn 🙂

Crew Welburn’s Daily Blog 15.4.2021


We have been word collectors today in Crew Welburn. We used what we had noticed during the performance of The Wizard of Oz yesterday to collect adjectives and verbs ready to write our stories next week. We came up with some wonderful vocabulary!🌟

HOWL Heroes:

Work hard: Tiarna👏

Get smart: Charlie👏

Be kind: Elijah👏

HOWL Score: 2.8 Well done Crew Welburn, this is better than yesterday.

Crew Welburn’s Daily Blog 14.4.2021


What amazing costumes we have had for our Wizard of Oz day today! I’m really impressed at the effort everyone put in today, you all looked fabulous! Watch out for our This Week in Phase video to see all of the pictures and videos.
A big congratulations to Harriet for winning best costume in Crew Welburn, and Lylah and Charlie for runners up. 🌟

HOWL Heroes:

Work hard: Tiarna👏

Get smart: Darcie👏

Be kind: Elijah👏

HOWL Score: 2.3 We really need to improve our listening tomorrow.

Crew Welburn’s Daily Blog 13.4.2021

Tuesday ✅

We have had lots of fun in Crew Welburn today. We’ve used saws and scissors to practice our cutting skills and create our castle in expedition, and had lots of fun outside at playing. We had lots of different games to play! 🌟

HOWL Heroes:

Work hard: Kairen 👏

Get smart: Heartley 👏

Be kind: Scarlett👏

HOWL Score: 3.2 We’ll try to work hard tomorrow.

Crew Welburn’s Daily Blog 12.4.2021


It has been brilliant being back in the classroom with all of the children today. SO many smiling, happy faces! We’ve really enjoyed making our base for our castle today. We had to use paper mache to make it nice and strong. It made our hands really sticky though! 🌟

HOWL Heroes:

Work hard: Tiarna 👏

Get smart: Harrylee 👏

Be kind: Frankie 👏

HOWL Score: 2.9 We’ll try to work hard tomorrow.

Crew Welburn’s Daily Blog 26.3.2021

We had a slightly sad morning crew session on Google Meet today in Crew Welburn…We had to say goodbye to two members of our crew 😔 Although we are really sad to see both Bronwyn and Nathan go, we know that they are going to be amazing in their new schools, and they are going to make so many new friends! Although we couldn’t do what we would normally do when we have to say goodbye to someone in our crew, we still wanted their last day to be special, so we put together some videos to help them think of all of the amazing memories they have made since September. Take a look at what we put together…🎬📽

Good luck Bronwyn and Nathan, we’ll really miss you both 🥰

Contact this week with isolating crews

If your child(ren) are self isolating this week due to bubble closures in school, class teachers and support staff will be calling each day to check in with the children. This maybe on an anonymous number therefore can I ask that you answer as it maybe someone from school.

These checks are to have a general chat with the children and to see if school can assist whilst they are isolating.

Once again thank you for your continued support, take care and stay safe.

Crew Welburn Self Isolation


Advice for Child to Self-Isolate for 10 Days 

Dear Parents / Carers, 

Unfortunately, a staff member in Crew Welburn has had a positive result following the use of a Lateral Flow Test and will therefore now take a PCR test to confirm this as a positive case of Covid-19.  Until the result is received and in accordance with DFE guidance, any child who has close contact with the affected staff member must isolate immediately.

All Children and Staff within this bubble are required to self isolate for 10 days. Should the result of the PCR test of the staff member return as a negative result then your child will be able to return to school if they have been accessing in-school learning.  We will inform you of any changes via text and email.

Should the result of the PCR test of the staff member return as a positive your child will need to continue their isolation until the 10 days have finished. 

Please note that other members of your household can continue normal activities provided your child does not develop symptoms within the 10 day self-isolation period. We are asking you to do this to reduce the further spread of COVID 19 to others in the community and to support the NHS.

Teachers will be in contact next week regarding learning during this isolation time.  We would like children to check-in everyday as part of our safeguarding procedures.  Children should be familiar with this process however should you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Thank you for your continued support during this difficult time.

Stay safe, Mrs Lythe