TWITP – LKS2 (10.9.21)

What an exciting week we have had in LKS2. We have had such a great week and the highlight for Year 3 and 4 was certainly our Viking experience at Murton Park. This hooked us further into our new Expedition, where we will answer the Guiding Question “Coming to Doncaster; why then and why now?” We absolutely loved it! Enjoy your weekend LKS2! 😆

Crew MI 10.9.21.

What a great and exciting week it has been this week.

There has been some great leaning happening in Crew MI with us starting to read our new book… Train to impossible places. The children are really enjoying this and are excited to find out what happens. We have also started to plan our Harry Potter writing in preparation for writing it next week… watch this space next week to see some great examples. In maths, we have been using the base ten to help us understand place value. We now understand numbers up to ten thousands.

The best bit of this this week was definitely the amazing trip to Harry Potter Studios where we were fully immersed in the films looking at the sets, costumes and even riding on the brooms. The children also got a lesson on how to create costumes and had a go themselves at distressing fabric. It really was a great day.

‘The Mill’ experience day UKS2

Hi all,

Next week, we are having an experience session in expedition to experience what life was like during the industrial revolution. Please can you pack a spare change of clothes for the children that you don’t mind getting dirty. This session will be either Tuesday/Wednesday or Thursday so please pack ready for Tuesday. 

Thank you


Crew SB – 10/9/21

What a wonderful week we’ve had in UKS2 made even better with our trip to Harry Potter world. The trip was absolutely amazing and the children’s ere a credit to the school and their families with how well they conducted themselves while out of school. Even the children who aren’t particularly huge Harry Pitter fans have expressed how much they enjoyed it. Definitely worth a visit to explore. Looking forward to seeing how the children use their experience when completing learning during this expedition.

We have have had a more formal timetable this week, getting back to to our trusty routines and structures. To say the children have not long come back after the school holidays, they have settled back into our routines quickly.

In maths, we have been refreshing ourselves on place value as we understand the importance of having a strong foundation with the value of numbers. This underpins all aspects of maths so it’s essential the children are confident with this aspect of Maths.

Today in PE, we were so impressed with their kindness and eagerness to support each other. They were returning the ball for their peers, coaching each other through each activity and cheering each other on. This was lovely to see and shows how well they have come together as a crew since our return.

A great week in Crew SB and I’m looking forward to another week with our amazing crew.
Have a lovely weekend.

Crew Fox blog w/c 6.9.21

What a week!

We started the week off with watching Harry Potter and The Philosophers Stone to hook us into our writing sessions. We are beginning our first writing unit by writing in third person to narrate parts of the film. We have used our experience days to gather some great vocabulary to use within our writing!

Wednesday was an early start for our phase, setting off to Harry Potter World Studios in London at 7:30 AM. After a 4 hour journey, we arrived at Warner Brothers Studios… we were flabberghasted at how big the studio was!

I am in the making of a video (we captured around 400 photos/videos) to show our amazing journey from the day but as you can imagine, this is taking a while. So watch out for the video in a few days time… here’s a few photos to have a look at whilst the video is being made…

This week, our HOWL average was 2.4. As a crew, we decided that our targets are all around focusing and concentrating on achieving ME across the day. We are going to work really hard to get closer to a secure 3 next week.

Happy Friday everyone, have a lovely weekend!

Mrs Fox

Week – 6.09.21

What a busy but enjoyable week! This week we have learnt in our new groups for reading, spelling, writing and maths.. it has been amazing to see how everyone in our crew has settled into this and how much they love learning with all of the teachers in our phase.

We have made an amazing start on our dragon poems and we cannot wait for the children to be able to perform them when they are finished!

Murton park was an amazing trip/day this week and it was great to see the children learn in the role of a Viking, carrying out tasks such as practicing how to use weapons, pottery skills and living as Viking making bread. Look at this video to see more of what we got up to:

Have a great weekend and a well deserved break.. see you all Monday!

Mr G and Miss Marsh ☺☺

This week in Crew Tucker… 10/9/21

We’ve had another fantastic week in Crew Tucker with lots of great learning taking place both inside and outside the classroom.

Our highlight of the week has to be our visit to Murton Park, York where the children spent the day experiencing what life was like for a Viking. Dressed to impress, the children learnt how to be handle weapons to guard the village, made bread using Viking recipes and techniques and created pottery which we have brought back to school to display in our classroom.

If you haven’t seen it, click play on the video below to see photos and videos from our trip. If you’ve seen it already, watch it again as it really was an amazing day!

This week also saw our class celebrate our very first Learning Legend. This award went to none other than… Rome Wilson! Rome has made a brilliant start to his time in Year 3 and has demonstrated his determination to work hard to get smart in all lessons. He has created some beautiful work, particularly in Art where he has shown a real flare for the subject; his clay dragon eye is truly impressive!

Each and every member of our crew has worked incredibly hard this week. Starting Key Stage Two can be a challenge but they have risen to this and excelled our expectations. Keep up the hard work Crew Tucker.

Have a great weekend and we look forward to seeing you all bright and early on Monday morning.

EYFS weekly blog. 10.9.21

This week the children have all completed a full week in their new crews. For some children this means their first full week in school ever! We have had a brilliant time. 👍

The children have really worked hard to get smart in FS2. From starting phonics learning, counting cubes, discussions “all about me” for expedition they have definitely earned a weekend rest 😊

The children in F1 have settled in well and have been working on following the classroom routine. They have been looking at “being kind” to each other and their classroom by choosing using and putting away the toys and equipment. The have made their crew adults proud but trying so hard to eat all their dinners and trying new food.

Well done crew EYFS! Have a lovely weekend ❤️