Crew Godley

What a great start to the term! We’ve had a fantastic great two days in Crew Godley, we have shown we are a crew who know how to Work Hard, Get Smart and Be kind. We have spent the week launching our new crew; checking in, deciding on our crew norms, and choosing our first site team to help look after our crew environment. 

Today we launched our new expedition, ‘Not all Heroes Wear Capes’.

What an absolutely fantastic day we’ve had exploring what makes us heroes! We were able to confidently articulate who our heroes were and why. We had some fantastic discussions and I was so proud of how mature, thoughtful and brave our crew were when speaking about our personal experiences.

I’m sure all of our heroes will sleep tonight after a very busy day!

Hero Day!

To launch our KS1 Autumn Term Expedition we had a very exciting ‘Hero Day’ today, where we got to dress up as our personal hero and took part in lots of hero themed activities! Check out the highlights from the day below!

Hero Costumes

Comic-Book Photoshoot

Pipe-Cleaner Heroes

Superhero Training

We have had a brilliant day and I am sure your superheroes will all sleep well tonight!

Watch this space for more updates of our exciting new expedition ‘What can I do to be a superhero in my community?’

Wrap around provision

Don’t forget about our wrap around provision has started, if you want to sign up head to parent pay to book your Childs place

Welcome back!

Before I begin this post, can I just say what an impressive morning we have had at Carcroft School today. I have seen happy children dressed as heroes in KS1 and witnessed a very impressive Harry Potter ‘Sorting Hat’ session in Upper Key Stage 2. On top of that Crew Ferguson have shown me their Crew Sign and Nursery have been learning in the home corner, sharing their resources. 

Welcome back, I hope you had a great summer. The staff are very excited to deliver their new expeditions with their crews and support the children to work hard, be kind and get smart. 

Today we officially join the XP Trust, we thank Mrs Lythe and the Governors for their hard work on this process. As a member of the XP Trust the staff will attend weekly networks and staff from throughout the Trust will be working at Carcroft to make this school the best in the world. Your children will experience a curriculum that explores, excites and ensures that they learn amazing things and produce amazing products. Through the curriculum they will understand the purpose of reading and writing and understand how maths is important to many problem solving scenarios. Through crew and the importance of being kind, the children at Carcroft will continue to be supported to be the best version of themselves.

Comms @ Carcroft

This year we’re making some changes to the way we communicate to you. 

Carcroft School Website will be our main form of communication. You can subscribe to the website which will send you an email alert when a message or blog is posted. Scroll down the website and look down the right hand side – add your email to ‘subscribe to block via email’. 

Dojo will be used to alert you of an important message and a way for your class teacher to contact you.

Facebook won’t be used to communicate with daily messages. This will be used for emergency messages. 

Facebook messenger is no longer monitored, if you have a query please complete our Carcroft Query Form.

Personal Contact, please do not contact any staff members through personal social media or email accounts. They will not be answered.

Ways for you to contact school and staff; 

  • General enquiries – Carcroft Query Form, Phone: 01302 722353
  • School Business Manager – Email: [email protected]
  • Dojo – you can dojo message your class teacher, however queries and questions will not be answered outside of office hours. 

During the school holidays staff may not respond to your questions. Any question that needs to be raised must be done through the Carcroft Query Form. This is intermittently monitored during the holidays and if your question is deemed urgent we will respond accordingly. 

We have made a great start to the term and we look forward to sharing more of our learning with you via the website and hopefully soon in school. 

Thanks for your support 

Neil Butler