Crew Longley’s First Day

Wow! What a great first day back. It was lovely to get to know all the new faces in Crew Longely, who looked so smart and vibrant in their new red uniforms.

We spent the early morning launching our new crew; checking in, deciding on our crew norms, and choosing our first site team to help look after our crew environment.

We have also been blown away by the children’s determination to show us what they can already do in writing and maths. I am really sure we will have some amazing authors and mathematicians this year!

Our First Crew Challenge

Year 1’s First Day Back!

Wahoo! We’re back! 🙌🏽
We’ve had so much fun in Year 1 today, exploring our new classrooms and outdoor area, and getting to know all of the new faces in our classrooms. We’ve chosen our own learning in provision and had lots of time to share what we have done during the holidays in our crew time. It was great to hear what everyone has been up to – there’s been some really exciting stories!

We’ve really missed having the children in our classrooms over summer, and we’re glad to see that they’ve all enjoyed their well earned rest. We’re sure they will all sleep well tonight… 😴😴

See you all in the morning for our superhero day! 🦸‍♀️🦸‍♂️🦹‍♀️🦹‍♂️

White Polo T-shirt Collection

White Polo T-shirts are ready to collect. Please only come during the following times. If you have siblings in school we will give them in one collection. If you attempt to collect it outside of the below slots you won’t be given you t-shirt. Please bare with us as we have over 300 t-shirts to hand out so you maybe waiting

Nursery and Reception

Year GroupDateTime
Nursery & ReceptionWednesday 31st August8.40 – 9.10
Year 1Wednesday 31st August2.30 – 3.00
Year 2Thursday 1st September8.40 – 9.10
Year 3Thursday 1st September2.30 – 3.00
Year 4Friday 2nd September8.40 – 9.10
Year 5Friday 2nd September1.30 – 1.50
Year 6Will be given to them in class

Uniform Size changes

If you need to return and change your hoody or pe t-shirt please complete the below form so we can ensure we have the size available.

Please note you must return your current uniform no additional sizes will be given out without this.

Please complete this form

We are limited to the sizes we have available in school, therefore please bare with us as we may have to order you one if we don’t have the stock available.

Thank you Mrs Lythe

Uniform Collection

Last week we handed out a free hoodie and PE t-shirt, if you didn’t collect yours please call at the office this week to collect it. The white polo t-shirts will be given to children this week too.

Reminder for KS1 Crews

Further to Mrs. Godleys’s DOJO message, we would like to remind parents and guardians of the children in KS1 (Year 1 and 2) that we will be starting our new expedition ‘What will you do to be a hero in your community?’ with a hook day on Wednesday 1st September.

We would like to invite the children to come dressed as their ‘hero’ for this day. This could be their favourite superhero, sports hero, historical hero, family hero or a hero who works in the community.

Throughout the day, we will be doing various tasks linked to the expedition to inspire the children ready to delve into the new expedition.

Please do not hesitate to contact your Crew Leader, via DOJO, if you need any help or inspiration.

Have a great bank holiday weekend!

KS1 Crew.